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Natalia Bardo
Natalia Sergeevna Krivozub

(1988-04-05) 5 April 1988 (age 31)
OccupationАctress, model, singer, TV presenter
Years active2006–present
WebsiteOfficial Website

Natalia Sergeevna Bardo (née Krivozub; Russian: Наталья Сергеевна Бардо; born 5 April 1988) is a Russian actress, singer and a TV host.[1]


Natalia Bardo was born in Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union.[2] She used to live with her mother, who was an entrepreneur. Her father is a former athlete.

She attended art school, basketball, ballet and gymnastics as a child. At the age of 18 she was given her first role in "Pushkin. The Last Duel" feature film. She graduated from the Banking Institute college; entered and successfully completed her studies at the school of modelling and acting. She entered the Banking Institute afterwards.

In 2006 Natalia played a daughter of Evelena Bleodans’s character - Alina (“Cursed Heaven” - “Proklyaty Rai” series), which was released in January, 2007.

In 2017 Natalia was invited to play in “Cursed Heaven 2”.

In June 2010 she changed her surname for “Bardo".[3] She studied in The Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute.


Natalia playing her role in “Made of Gold. Barvikha 2” - “Zolotyye. Barvikha 2”, which was first released on “TNT” TV channel.

Her first lead role in a melodrama series was in "Veronica - Lost happiness”[4] ("Russia " TV channel) in 2012, and a year later continued to work on the next season - "Veronica. The Fugitive” (Beglyanka)[5][6][7]

From January to July 2007 she took part in a TV project called "Dom-2".

One of her main projects is a comedy series called "Anzhelika"[8][9] on the STS TV channel.

In 2015 she hosted a TV show called "Mr. and Mrs. Media"[10] on the “First” TV channel[11][12] with Marat Basharov.[13]

Natalia took part in a traditional fashion-calendar[14] presentation of the Charity Fund "Russian Silhouette".


In autumn 2010 Natalia recorded the official cover version of the “Alejandro” hit by Lady Gaga in Russian - Gaga’s producers chose Natalia’s text from a dozen of translations.

In 2010 Natalia Bardo also recorded her single "Oblom" - “Failure”, and a year later - "I want to scream", "Bardo", "Day and night", "Dreams of you", "Rain drops", "6 Letters", and on April 7, 2011 presented her solo project in a dance-pop format. Songs from Natalya's future album and her cover version of "Alejandro" were first presented in this show.


  • 2010
    • Alejandro
    • Oblom (Failure)
  • 2011
    • I want to scream
    • Bardo
    • Day and Night
    • Dreams of you
    • Rain Drops
    • Six letters


2006 Pushkin: the last duel
2006 Cursed heaven
2008 — 2012 Wedding ring
Ul’yana and Olga
2008 Cursed heaven— 2 Аlina
2009 Moscow, I love you!
TV reporter
2010 Yellow in the city
(hasn’t been released)
2010 Stroybatya
2010 Stone short movie
2010 Chasing the shadow
Olga Nizova
2011 Vazhnyak
2011 Barvikha
Kristina Medler
2011 Surprise me Lena
2012 White Moor and intimate details about my neighbours
2012 Veronica - Lost Happiness
Veronica Serova
2012 Searching for love in Russia
2012 Shapovalov
2013 Second chance
2013 Lie if you love
2013 Immersion
2013 Toy seller
2013 Because of you
Dasha Streltsova
2013 Veronica. The Fugitive
Veronica Serova
2013 Climbers
2014 Anzhelika
Ul’yana Kamko
2014 A year in Tuscany
2014 Look back (Armenia)
2016 Friday
Friday fairy
2016 The Final frontier
2016 Love with limitations
2016 Scenario
Lika Vlazhkova
2016 Poteryashki (Lost ones) Vika Serebryakova
2017 Naughty Grandma
2017 Darlings
2018 Wish Generator
short film
2018 Night Shift Kristina
2018 Scenario (short film - upcoming)
Lika Vlazhnova
2018 Flight crew
Polina Ovechkina

Music video appearances[edit]

  • «Propaganda» («Yolki-Palki»).
  • Maria Kozhevnikova and Vitaly Gogunsky(«Who, if not us?»)
  • Vlad Sokolovsky («Target», director —Alexey Golubev).


  1. Miss Charm of Russia 2009[15]
  2. Miss AutoLadyShow[16]
  3. International Prize "Women's Pride" winner.
  4. "Woman of the World" holder


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