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Script error: The module returned a value. It is supposed to return an export table. Natalia "Hellawes" O'Shea (née Nikolayeva) (born 3 September 1976) is a Russian harpist, singer-songwriter, linguist and band leader of "Melnitsa" (folk-rock), "Clann Lir" (traditional Celtic folk) and "Romanesque" (folk). Earlier she took part in the "Till Eulenspiegel" project (folk), for which she was a vocalist, author and co-author of many songs.


O'Shea is a linguist, and expert in Indo-European languages especially Celtic languages. She is also a PhD of philological science and instructor in Lomonosov Moscow State University. Earlier she worked in Trinity College in Dublin (Ireland). Natalia has been living and working in Ireland (Dublin) and in Switzerland (Geneva) since 2004, but periodically she returns in Russia to take part in concerts of "Melnitsa", "Clann Lir" or in solo concerts.

O'Shea has been appearing on the stage since 1998. She is one of the most popular folk-rock singers on the Russian scene and cult author-performer in the youth (and especially in student) midst of Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities. Also she is a very popular singer for the players of role-playing game movement.

The Hellawes's songs have spread through the Internet and have won recognition of listeners long ago in many cities of Russia and outside.

Personal life[edit]

Nikolayeva married James Cornelius O'Shea, an Irish citizen, who was a member of staff at the Irish Embassy in Moscow on the 21st of August 2004, and on 22 July 2008 Natalia O'Shea gave birth to a daughter, Nina Caitríona O'Shea, in Geneva (Switzerland). 15 April 2011 she gave birth to their second daughter, Úna Tamar.



  • Running to Paradise (Melanar, 1996)
  • Дорога сна (The Road of Dream) 1996
  • Лунный день (The Lunar Day) (Melanar, 1996)
  • Сольные записи (The Solo Album) 1999
  • Леопард в городе (2009)


  • Дорога сна (2003)
  • Master of the Mill (2004)
  • Перевал (2005)
  • Зов крови (2006)
  • The Best (2007)
  • Дикие травы (2009)
  • Ангелофрения (2012)

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