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Natalie is a female given name derived from the Late Latin name Natalia meaning "Christmas Day" (cf. Latin natale domini).[1] This form is found in many languages, but is especially common in French, German, Dutch and English speaking countries.


  • African American: Latasha, Natisha
  • Arabic: ناتالي
  • Belarusian: Наталі (Natali)
  • Chinese Simplified: 娜塔莉 (Nà tǎ lì)
  • Chinese Traditional: 娜塔莉 (Nà tǎ lì)
  • Croatian: Natalija, Nataša
  • Czech: Natálie
  • Danish: Natalie
  • English: Natalee, Natille, Nataly
  • French: Nathalie, Noelle
  • Georgian: ნატალია (Nathaleah) (Natalia)
  • German: Nathalie, Natalie
  • Gujarati: નતાલિ (Natāli)
  • Hebrew: נטלי
  • Hindi: नताली (Natālī)
  • Hungarian: Natália
  • Italian: Natalia
  • Japanese: ナタリー (Natarī)
  • Kannada: ನಟಾಲಿಯಾ (Naṭāliyā)
  • Korean: 나탈리 (Natalli)
  • Late Roman: Natalia
  • Latvian: Natālija
  • Macedonian: Натали (Natali), Natalija, Nataša
  • Mongolian: Натали (Natali)
  • Norwegian: Natalie
  • Persian: ناتالی (Nâtâli)
  • Polish: Natalia, Natalka, Natasza
  • Portuguese: Natália
  • Portuguese (Brazilian): Natália
  • Punjabi: ਨੈਟਲੀ (Naiṭalī)
  • Romanian: Natalia
  • Russian: Наталия (Natalija, Natálija), Натали (Natali), Nataliya, Natalya, Nata, Natasha, Tasha
  • Serbian: Натали (Natali), Natalija, Nataša
  • Slovak: Natália
  • Slovene: Natalija, Nataša
  • Spanish: Natalia, Talia
  • Swahili: Natalia
  • Swedish: Natalia, Nathalie
  • Tamil: நடாலி (Naṭāli)
  • Telugu: నటాలీ (Naṭālī)
  • Thai: นาตาลี (Nā tā lī)
  • Ukrainian: Наталі (Natali), Nataliya, Natalka
  • Urdu: نےٹلی
  • Yiddish: נאַטאַליע (Nʼatʼalyʻ)

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