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Natalie Draper
EducationPeabody Institute
  • "Decadent Music Box"
  • "Deflected Harmlessly into the Ceiling"
  • "Strains in the Signal"
  • "Timelapse Variations"
  • "Water in the Glass" Edit this on Wikidata
  • Dr. and Mrs. Walter Edwards James Award in Theory (2014)
  • Virginia Carty deLillo Composition Competition (2014, "Decadent Music Box") Edit this on Wikidata
Website Edit this on Wikidata
Musical career

Natalie Draper is an American composer. She completed her Doctor of Musical Arts at the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University. Her teachers include Oscar Bettison and Joel Hoffman. She has been featured by GAMMA-UT, MusicX, SEAMUS, the Fromm Scholarship ensemble, Lunar Ensemble, and SONAR New Music Ensemble.

Draper's works have received praise by the Baltimore Sun, Portland Press Herald, and Fanfare, among others.[1][2][3] Draper's work, Timelapse Variations, was commissioned by Symphony Number One and premiered in November 2016.[4] Works such as Decadent Music Box have garnered various awards and positive mentions.[5] In 2018, Draper collaborated with NASA to help provide music from Timelapse Variations for a major research presentation on the impact crater of the Hiawatha Glacier.[6][7]

In 2015, Draper was a Fellow at the Tanglewood Music Center.[8][9] She currently teaches composition at Syracuse University in the Setnor School of Music.[10][11]

Natalie Draper has also published an article on Stephen Sondheim.[12][13]

Partial list of works[edit]

External video
Timelapse Variations on NASA mini-documentary, YouTube video
  • Decadent Music Box[14][15]
  • Deflected Harmlessly into the Ceiling[16]
  • O Sea-Starved, Hungry Sea[17]
  • The Ravens of Unresting Thought[18]
  • Strains in the Signal[19][20]
  • Timelapse Variations[21][22]
  • Water in the Glass[23]


  • 2016: More: Timelapse Variations. Also includes Jonathan Russell: Light Cathedral; Andrew Posner: The Promised Burning. (SNOtone ST03)[24][25][26]
  • 2012: Mix Tape / Compilation #1: One Bird Flew South. (Collaboration with Danny Clay.) Include additional works by various artists. (Don't Be A Stranger DBS-001)[27]


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