Natalya Murashkevich

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Natalya Murashkevich
Natalya Murashkevich AZ.png
Born Natalya Yevgenyevna Guseva
(1971-02-15) 15 February 1971 (age 47)
Zvenigorod, Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Occupation Actress, Biochemist,
Years active 1983–1988

Natalya Yevgenyevna Murashkevich (née Guseva) (Russian: Ната́лья Евге́ньевна Мурашке́вич (Гу́сева); born 15 February 1971 in Zvenigorod) is a Soviet and Russian actress, who became well known in the Soviet Union for the leading role in Guest from the Future (1984) as Alisa Selezneva.[1]

She graduated from Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology in 1995.[2][3] and in 2008, after 20-years, she took part in several film and television projects.


Natalya Yevgenyevna Guseva was born on February 15, 1971 in Zvenigorod.[2] Her father was Evgeni Alexandrovich Gusev, a worker and her mother was Galina Maksevna Guseva, a physician-therapist.[4] In 1979 Natalya went to the first class of the Moscow Secondary School No. 692.

In 1983, an assistant from the Gorky Film Studio came to her school, who was looking for children with good diction. Natalya was among one of the children selected and received an invitation to a tryout. As a result, her first role was as a schoolgirl in the children's short film "Dangeous Trifles" (1983), which was made in order to teach children traffic laws. When she was acting this role, she caught the eye of assistant Pavel Arsenov, who was looking for a girl to play the role of Alisa Selezneva in the television series "Guest from the Future". When meeting with Arsenov, Natalya was so excited that when she was asked for her year of birth she made a mistake and instead of 1972 she said 1872.

Her role in the series made Natalya extremely popular - many Soviet schoolboys fell in love with her, leading to bags of letters from fans (even from outside the Soviet Union). This phenomenon was called "Alicemania" (Алисомания). However, she was not ready for such fame and had a problem with her posture for awhile; when she walked with her head bowed low her fans did not recognize her. She starred in 3 other films during her career; "The Race of the Century" (1986), "Lilac Ball" (1987) and "Will of the Universe" (1988), however these films did not receive as much success as "Guest from the Future". In "The Race of the Century" her role was a second-rate one - if not an episodic role - and the film had passed at the box office completely unnoticed. The film "Lilac Ball", despite the fact it was a continuation of "Guest from the Future" was produced in a gloomy tone, and Natalya was already 14 years old during the filming, and in the film she was weakly associated with Alisa Selezneva, who she played in "Guest from the Future." After this film, Natalya's film career came to a close; and in 1989 she was offered to play the main role of Valery Nikolayev in a crime drama "Crash — Cop's Daughter" , but since the plot contained many scenes of violence, Natalya refused the offer as she did not want to tarnish the image she had made of Alisa Selezneva. She later received several more offers to play roles in several films, but she refused, since these films contained. as she put it, "New Russian" scenes.

Natalya never dreamed of becoming a professional actress, having been fond of biology since childhood and often took many pictures of nature as a child. After graduating from school in 1989, she entered the Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies in the biotechnology department, and graduated in 1994. After graduating she worked for a long time as a scientific researcher at a research institute. Natalya became one of the leaders in a company developing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test systems for the diagnosis of a number of infectious diseases. At the present (as of May 2017) Natalya is no longer working, fully devoting herself to her younger daughter and family.[5]

In 2007 NTV aired an episode on "The Main Hero" titled "Natasha Guseva: Alice as an Adult."[6] It tells about the fate of Natalya and other young actors in the television series "Guest from the Future", about the significance and role of the series for the generation of the 1980s and about the cultural phenomena "Alicemania" (Алисомания).

In 2009 Natalya returned to the film world for a short while, and voiced a role in the animated film "Alice's Birthday."[7][8]

Personal life[edit]

In the autumn of 1987, while in Minsk, she met her future husband, Denis Anatolievich Murashkevich (who fell in love with her, having seen her for the first time in "The Guest"). In 1993 Natalya married him, and on December 14, 1996 they had a daughter Alesya.[9] Denis proposed to name the child Zabava and his mother - Alice, but Natalya rejected both of them. In 2001, they divorced, but Natalya retained her husband's surname.[2]

A few years after the divorce, Natalya met Sergei Lvovich Ambinder, a designer and employee of the charity fund "Rusfond", which is led by his father. They began to live together, and in February 2013 Natalya gave birth to a daughter - Sofya - and on July 18 of the same year Natalya and Sergei married.[2]


Scientific Publications[edit]

  • Isachenkov VA, Ship O.P., Kulish M.A., Murashkevich N.E. Use of Color Photographic Reagents in Assays Based on Detection of Peroxidase Reactions // Biotechnology. - 1995. - № 5-6 . - P. 36-40 .


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