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Natanya Ross is an actress who is most famous for playing Robyn Russo, a regular character in The Secret World of Alex Mack. Ross first got her start in TV by doing a commercial for McDonald's. She later starred in the 1995 television version of Freaky Friday and the movie The Baby-Sitters Club. Natanya also played the character Kelly in the 1999 movie Bellyfruit. She was last seen in a 2000 episode of Boston Public.

Early life and career[edit]

Natanya Ross is one of the most notable child actresses of the 90's decade, most famous for her portrayal of Robyn Russo on The Secret World of Alex Mack. Natanya is originally from New York and moved out to Los Angeles with her mother to pursue her acting career after landing the role of Laura on the ABC series Billy which aired on the TGIF line up. Natanya went on to star in many films and television shows with memorable appearances on ER, Beverly Hills 90210, Step by Step, Boy Meets World and films such as The Babysitters Club, Bellyfruit, ShadowZone's Undead Express and Freaky Friday. Natanya won 2 Youth in Film awards for Best Supporting Actress for The Secret World of Alex Mack and Best Supporting Actress for The Babysitters Club and was nominated 4 years consecutively. Natanya was also nominated 3 years consecutively for the Young Star Awards as outstanding Supporting Actress in a television series for The Secret World of Alex Mack. In 2005 Natanya took time off of her career to further pursue education and other avenues in life, and as of 2016 has returned to acting with a new found passion and love for her art. Natanya has recently produced the reunion special of the 90's hit series and cult classic Nickelodeon show The Secret World of Alex Mack and completed a short film titled "Time inside' in 2017. As an adult now, Natanya returns to the screen with a hard hitting edge, shedding the image of her days as a child star. Natanya now resides in Los Angeles, CA and is 36 years of age.


Year Film/TV Series Role Notes
1989 Little Monsters Kid on Trial Film
1992 Billy Laura MacGregor TV Series, 13 episodes
1993 Step by Step Kid #2 TV Series, episode "Video-Mania"
1993 Sunny's Deliverance (voice) Short film
1993 Opera Vegetables Holley Mark TV Movie, along with 15 child actors and 15 child actresses
1994 Viper Kimberly TV Series, episode "Thief of Hearts"
1994 Munchie Strikes Back Jennifer
1994 Boy Meets World Ingrid Iverson TV Series, episode "Turnaround"
1995 ER Mandy Horn TV Series, episode "Long Day's Journey"
1995 Freaky Friday Jackie TV Movie, Walt Disney Television
1995 The Babysitters Club Grace Film
1996 The Faculty Wendy TV Series, episode "Carlos Garcia"
1996 Shadow Zone: The Undead Express Gabe TV Movie
1996-2003 Arthur Children's Sitcom Laughter (voice) TV Series, unknown episodes
1997 Baywatch Meagan TV Series, episode "Chance of a Lifetime"
1997 Over the Top Gwen TV Series, pilot episode
1994-1998 The Secret World of Alex Mack Robyn Russo TV Series, 65 episodes
1999 Beverly Hills, 90210 Marianne Plague TV Series, episode "Survival Skills"
1999 Bellyfruit Kelly Film
2000 Boston Public Singer TV Series, episode "Chapter Six"

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