Natchez Trace Trail

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Coordinates: 34°40′3.81″N 88°5′17.93″W / 34.6677250°N 88.0883139°W / 34.6677250; -88.0883139

Natchez Trace Trail
Natchez Trace Trail.jpg
Natchez Trace Trail in Warner Park, Nashville, Tennessee.
Lengthover 60 miles with 5 segments [1]
LocationAlabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee in the United States
DesignationNational Scenic Trail in 1983
UseHiking, Horseback riding
Sightsghost town of Rocky Springs
Ross Barnett Reservoir
WebsiteNatchez Trace National Scenic Trail

The Natchez Trace Trail is a designated National Scenic Trail in the United States, whose route generally follows sections of the 444-mile (715 km) Natchez Trace Parkway through the states of Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. The Natchez Trace Trail is not a long, continuous footpath, as is the case with other national scenic trails (such as the Appalachian Trail); rather, only a limited number of trail segments along the route, currently over 60 miles (97 km)[1] of trail, have been developed for hiking and horseback riding. Moreover, the Natchez Trace Trail, unlike many others that rely heavily on volunteers for trail construction and maintenance, is managed and maintained by the National Park Service. Sections of the trail follow along the Natchez Trace Parkway road shoulder, and cross county and state roads. It was originally intended to be longer and follow most of the Natchez Trace Parkway,[2] but only portion was built.

The Natchez Trace Parkway and National Scenic Trail commemorate the historic Natchez Trace, an ancient path that began as a wildlife and Native American trail, and has a rich history of use by colonizers, "Kaintuck" boatmen, post riders, and military men.


This trail comprises five sections. The table below is ordered from South, Milepost 0 (Natchez) to North, Milepost 444 (near Nashville), but can be sorted differently.

Section Name South Milepost North Milepost Notes
Potkopinu 17 20 As of 19 April 2012, this trail undergoing improvement and stream crossing may range from muddy to knee deep water.[3]
Rocky Springs Trail 52.4 59 visitors can see the ghost town of Rocky Springs, Mississippi
Yockanookany Trail 107.9 130 immediately north of Jackson, Mississippi, longest trail section, 8 miles (13 km) of the trail section parallels the Ross Barnett Reservoir[3]
Blackland Prairie Trail 260 266 in Tupelo, Mississippi
Highland Rim 407.9 427.4


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