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Nate Kinsella (born March 19, 1980),[1] is an American musician who currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. Nate's musical resume is vast, including most notably projects such as Joan of Arc, Make Believe, Mata Hari and Decembers Architects. Nate assisted Mike Kinsella, his cousin, in the creation of Owen's I Do Perceive album.[2] In 2007, Nate released his debut album for his solo project, Birthmark, called The Layer in October 2007.[3] Nate released his second record under the Birthmark moniker, Shaking Hands, on 30 November 2010.[4] On 15 May 2012 Nate released his third full-length album Antibodies.[5] In 2014, Kinsella played bass with American Football, fronted by his cousin Mike, for several reunion shows.[6]