Nate Newton (musician)

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Nate Newton
Converge f4269303.jpg
Nate Newton performing with Converge at the Eurockéennes in 2007
Background information
Genres Hardcore punk, extreme metal, experimental rock, heavy metal
Instruments Bass, guitar, vocals
Associated acts Lift, Jesuit, Converge, Old Man Gloom, Doomriders, Cavalera Conspiracy
Notable instruments
Fender Precision Bass[1]

Nate Newton (born October 9, 1979[citation needed]) is the bassist in hardcore punk band Converge.[2] He also played bass in Cavalera Conspiracy,[3] and he plays guitar and sings in Old Man Gloom[4] and Doomriders.[5]

Before relocating to the Boston area and joining Converge in 1999, he was in the Virginia Beach area hardcore punk bands Lift, Jesuit, Channel, Edison and Dwell. Jesuit, Edison, and Channel also featured Brian Benoit of Dillinger Escape Plan.

In 2007, he contributed guest vocals on the songs "Responsibles" and "Tread on the Neck of Kings" from the album "Prey for Eyes" by the Boston, MA band The Red Chord and has been featured as a guest vocalist with many other bands such as The Hope Conspiracy, Coliseum, Some Kind of Hate, Mi Amore, The Ocean Collective, and Young Widows to name just a few.

In late 2013, Newton was recruited by Cavalera Conspiracy to contribute on bass guitar for their third studio album.[6]



  • '78 Fender Precision Bass Special
  • '06 Fender Precision Bass Standard
  • First Act Custom Shop Delgada
  • Epiphone Precision Bass
  • Fender American Professional Precision Bass w/ Riffblasters pickups by Lace Sensor (Antique Olive Color bass)


  • Orange Thunderverb 200
  • Orange AD200B
  • Ampeg 8x10 Anniversary SVT
  • Ampeg 2x15 SVT


As band member[edit]

With Jesuit

With Converge

With Old Man Gloom

With Doomriders

With Cavalera Conspiracy

As guest[edit]

Year Artist Album
2003 Some Kind of Hate Some Kind of Hate (EP)
2005 Mi Amore Lamb
2006 The Hope Conspiracy Death Knows Your Name
2007 The Red Chord Prey for Eyes
2007 Coliseum No Salvation
2007 The Ocean Precambrian
2008 Clouds We Are Above You
2008 Young Widows Old Wounds
2009 Rise and Fall Our Circle Is Vicious
2012 Turbonegro Sexual Harassment


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