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Natech S.A.
Industry Banking Software
Computer software
Founded Ioannina, Greece (1983, as Computer Store)
Headquarters Stavrou Niarhou 85 Ioannina, Ioannina, Greece
Key people
Abraham Navrozoglou, Founder
Eugenia Navrozoglou, CFO
Dimitrios Navrozoglou, COO
Athanasios Navrozoglou, CEO
Products CSB - Core System for Banking operations
CSB Web - Web Banking Suite
BOS - Business Operating Suite
Natech CRM v2
AML - Antimoney Laundering AML
Natech DD - Direct Debit
Natech CT - Credit transfer
MyFleet - Fleet management Solution
Revenue 900 thousand (30 September 2017)[1]
Number of employees
31 as at Q4 2017
Website [1]

Natech S.A. is a Greek ISV specializing in Financial and Business solutions.

Company profile[edit]

Natech S.A.[2] – Integrated IT Solutions

Founded in 1983 under the trading name Computer Store, the company has focused in delivering software and IT services mainly to cooperative institutions in Greece. As of 2012 Natech served over 10 out of 16 of the Greek Cooperative Banks with its [Core Banking Solution], CSB.,.[3]

Since 2012 and after the banking sector consolidation in Greece[4] which led to the resolution of many cooperative banks,[5][6][7] the company realigned its strategy and started servicing a broader range of Financial Institutions and Banks with various Banking Payment Products.[8][9][10] In 2012 it opened a second branch in Athens and established a global partnership network to cater to the SME Banking Sector[11]

In 2016 and in effort to approach new developers, the company tried to establish a Business Cluster[12] with the assistance of other local IT Vendors. However the excessive brain drain in the prefecture of Epirus, which is amongst the 20 poorest regions in Europe[13] together with the prolonged recession period[14] was a strong impediment to the company's employment growth efforts. Later on the company resided to the local authorities and the University to attract talent from abroad[15]

Natech is listed as one of the 37 Global Banking Vendors that Forrester Research invites in its annual Global Survey.[16] The company has been certified under ISO 22301:2012, ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 [17]


2010: Natech Becomes Microsoft Silver ISV Partner[18][19][20]

2011: Natech implements its web banking suite to 4 Cooperative Banks[21][22][23]

2011: The Company starts deploying its core Banking solutions to Currency Exchange Firms and Payment Institutions[24][10]

2011: Certified by ISO 9001:2008 for Developing, designing, implementing, supporting and researching IT related software and hardware[24]

2012: Natech was awarded the project to implement the software for payments and transfers within the SEPA union for Greece's Loan and Consignment Fund, the largest fund in Greece.[25] and establishes a branch in Athens.

2015: Natech participated in the "Middle East Banking Forum 2015" held in Dubai, as a Financial Times' guest, having the privilege to be the sole Greek IT company which took part.[26]

2016:Cooperative Bank of Epirus launched ‘’Video Customer Service’’ seven days a week through Natech.CSB web platform for the Bank’s e-banking users in conjunction with Natech’s Core Banking System Natech.CSB.[27]
2016: Natech becomes certified under ISO 27001:201 2017: Forrester Research lists Natech as one of the 37 vendors participating in its Global Banking Platform Deals Survey[28]
2017: Natech is awarded in Papastratos Greece Startup/Scale Awards for its integrated innovation effort [29]


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