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Setra coach

Nateev Express (Hebrew: נתיב אקספרס‎‎, Nativ Express) is an Israeli bus company.


Nateev Express was founded in 2001. Shortly afterwards, it won the franchises for these two regions, previously served by Egged, as part of a national policy led by the ministry of transportation to spread the public transportation among multiple companies. Nateev Express started operating the bus lines in the northern Sharon area on December 31, 2001, and in the upper Galilee on January 28, 2002.[1]

Nateev Express is fully owned by Nazareth Transportation and Tours, a bus company based in Nazareth.

It serves regional routes in two regions of the country:

The company also serves all intercity lines inside Nahariya, Safed and Ma'alot.


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