Nathalie Griesbeck

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Nathalie Griesbeck

Natalie Griesbeck (born 24 May 1956 in Metz) is a French politician and Member of the European Parliament for the East of France. She is a member of the Democratic Movement (MoDem), part of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe.

She sits on the Committee on Budgets and is a substitute for the Committee on Transport and Tourism. She is also a member of the European Parliament's delegation for relations with Mercosur and a substitute for the delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and ASEAN.

She was the second candidate in the East constituency on the MoDem list, while Jean-François Kahn was the top candidate. The list only won one seat, but Kahn resigned before the session opened, giving his position to Griesbeck.

Griesbeck has a master's degree in public law (1979) and postgraduate diplomas (DEAs) in public law (1980) and legal history (1981). She was formerly a lecturer in public law at the University of Metz, and has also served as deputy mayor of Metz, with responsibility for finance and economic development, vice-chair of Metz Council, with responsibility for economic development, a member of the Moselle Council, and chair of Transcité (2001–2003). She holds the Palmes académiques and the Ordre National du Mérite.

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