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Nathan-melech is described as one of Josiah's officials in 2 Kings 23:11 of the Hebrew Bible. He lived near the entrance to the temple, close to the courtyard where the horses had been kept that were used in sun-worship before Josiah disposed of both the horses and the chariots that they had pulled.

Nathan-melech means King's gift. Some authorities have regarded the name as a variant of Nathan but this is no more valid sociolinguistically than regarding Nathanael as a variant of Nathan, or Rosemary as a variant of Mary. They are distinct names.[citation needed]

In March 2019, a clay bulla dated to the middle of the seventh or beginning of the sixth century B.C was found in the Givati Parking Lot dig excavation in the City of the David area of Jerusalem bearing the inscription, "(belonging) to Nathan-melech, servant of the king."