Nathan Abraham Cooper

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Gravestone of Nathan Abraham Cooper (1802-1879) in Pleasant Hill Cemetery.
Gravestone of Nathan Cooper II (1725-1797) in Chester Cemetery, grandfather of Nathan Abraham Cooper

Nathan Abraham Cooper (April 20, 1802 – 1879) was a United States Army General.


He was born on April 20, 1802, to Abraham Cooper (1762–1818) and Anna Wills (1774–1856). He had a sister Beulah Ann Cooper (1800–1885) who married Henry Seward.[1]

When he was 16 years old his father died and he inherited the family land. It included farming lands, an iron mine, operated by Marsh, Craig & Evans and a grist-mill.[2]

He married Mary Henrietta Leddel. He died in 1879.


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