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Nathan Adams
Adams at PAX Prime, 2012
Born (1991-07-23) 23 July 1991 (age 28)
Other namesDinnerbone
Known forDeveloper of Minecraft
Spouse(s)Aleksandra Zajac

Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams (born 23 July 1991) is a British video game developer, who has been working on Minecraft since March 2012.[1][2]

Early life[edit]

Adams was born in Shrewsbury, England on 23 July 1991. He says that he learned programming at age 10 by creating MSN bots.[3]


After finishing secondary school, he was rejected from college, so found a job with a small web development company. He was then hired by Curse, where he worked on the Minecraft server modification CraftBukkit.[4] Mojang then took full control of and hired the CraftBukkit team to work on a modding API,[5] which allowed mod developers easier access to the Minecraft game files.[6] He was hired on 28 February 2012[1] and started work on 27 March.[2] He quit work on Minecraft in October 2015[7] to work on a new Minecraft application launcher, and joined back in February 2017.[8][9]

Personal life[edit]

He is married to Aleksandra "MissMarzenia" Zajac, the project manager at Mojang. They have one son, who was born on 2 October 2016.[10] Adams is red-green colourblind. On 21 March 2019, Adams became a Swedish citizen.[11]


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