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Nathan Bryan is assistant professor at the Texas Therapeutic institute and Institute for Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Houston Health Sciences Center.[1] He received an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Texas at Austin and a Ph.D from Louisiana State University. He studies nitric oxide restoration in humans, and has written, peer-reviewed, and edited books, articles, and research studies.[2][3]

Bryan has co-edited or written three books: Food, Nutrition & The Nitric Oxide Pathway (in 52 libraries according to WorldCat[4]), Nitrates and Nitrites in Human Health and Disease (in 23 libraries according to WorldCat[5]), and Blood & Tissue Nitric Oxide Products (in one library according to WorldCat[6]).

Bryan is Co-Founder and Nitric Oxide Scientist at HumanN, a firm developing products to increase nitric oxide levels in humans.[7]


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