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Nathan Hale High School
NHHS 01.jpg
10750 30th Avenue Northeast


Coordinates47°42′27″N 122°17′40″W / 47.70750°N 122.29444°W / 47.70750; -122.29444Coordinates: 47°42′27″N 122°17′40″W / 47.70750°N 122.29444°W / 47.70750; -122.29444
School districtSeattle Public Schools
PrincipalJill Hudson
Enrollment1,177 (2015-16)[2]
Color(s)             Red, white, and blue
AthleticsMetro League
RivalsIngraham, Roosevelt
NewspaperThe Sentinel

Nathan Hale High School is a public high school in Seattle Public Schools with a reputation for carrying out progressive education reforms including personalization[3] and project-based learning[4]. Nathan Hale was a member of the Coalition of Essential Schools[3] and continues to organize itself according to CES Principles[5].


Early years[edit]

The land where Nathan Hale High School is located today was previously occupied by the Fisher Dairy Farm and then the Meadowbrook Golf Course[6]. At that time, Jane Addams was the only secondary school in the area and was part of the Shoreline School District[6]. Nathan Hale High School opened in 1963 with 1206 students, all sophomores and juniors[6]. The new school grew quickly, reaching 2400 students across grades 10-12 by the end of that decade[6]. In 1969, unknown individuals painted a Raider on the school’s smokestack in the middle of the night[7][6]. The school radio station, KNHC (for “Nathan Hale Communications”), was founded in 1971[8]. A learning resource center was added in 1972 using bond money[6].

Notable Events[edit]

The first greenhouse was built in 1973 to house horticulture classes, and carpentry students built a newer solar greenhouse in 1982-83, near the Lake City Sewer plant[6] that was later redeveloped into Meadowbrook Pond in the late 1990s[9]. Nathan Hale’s enrollment dropped dramatically after the Seattle's 1978 desegregation plan closed or reassigned many of its feeder schools[6]. 1979 was the first year ninth graders were added to the school[6]. Patricia Cyan was named 1996 Washington State Teacher of the Year and went on to become a finalist for National Teacher of the Year[6]. The student newspaper, The Stand, won first place with special merit from the National Scholastic Press Association in 1999[6]. The jazz choir performed at Carnegie Hall in February 2000[10][6]. New sports fields were added in 2000[6], and a new performing arts center was completed in 2005, hosting a free concert by Rihanna a few months later[11].  In 2008, C89.5 brought in Lady Gaga to play for a listener appreciation event[12].


The original 1960's building underwent a major renovation between 2009 and 2011 as part of Bex III, rebuilding 75% of the school and adding a new library and synthetic turf football field[13]. The new building was designed with CES principles in mind[4], won an AIA National Award in 2014[14], and was subsequently profiled as one of the 12 “most beautiful schools in the US” by Business Insider Magazine[15]. In the course of the renovation, the old smokestack was taken down, but part of it was saved and put on display outside the south entrance in 2013[16][17]. Juniors boycotted state testing by refusing to take the SBAC test in 2015.[18] That same year, the old greenhouses were demolished to make way for redevelopment of Thornton Creek, and a new greenhouse was opened behind Jane Addams Middle School in 2016[19].


  • Claude Turner, 1963–1970
  • Gordon Albright, 1971–1974
  • Robert Bell, 1975–1983
  • Barbara Arnold, 1984–1986
  • Andres Tangalin, 1987–1989
  • Tom Lord, 1989–1992
  • Eric Benson, 1992–2003
  • Judy Peterson, 2003–2004
  • Lisa Hechtman, 2004–2007
  • Marni Campbell, 2007–2009
  • Dr. Jill Hudson, 2009–present

Programs and Facilities[edit]

Ninth grade academies have existed at Nathan Hale for several decades[6]. They organize students into block classes with a reduced student:teacher ratio in health, science, language arts, and social studies[6][20]. Beginning with the 2018-19 school year, tenth graders take block classes in humanities, art, biology, and career/technical education[21]. Seniors complete a year-long Hale Action Project as a graduation requirement[22].

Nathan Hale has a 17,000 square foot performing arts center[23], and its sports facilities include a football field, two gyms, and a weight room. Students use Jane Addams Middle School's soccer field, and swimming classes meet at the Meadowbrook Pool. Nathan Hale has hosted a vocational horticulture program since the 1970s[6], offering school year and summer classes through Seattle Skills Center. A Makerspace was added at the beginning of the 2018-19 school year with a laser cutter, 3D printer and vinyl cutter[24].

Student Activities[edit]

Nathan Hale is home to the nationally acclaimed radio station KNHC. Nathan Hale's journalism class produces the Sentinel under the guidance of Ted Lockery, who was named Washington Journalism Education Association adviser of the year in 2018[25]. Music performance ensembles at Nathan Hale include Jazz band, Vocal Jazz, Concert Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Choir and Wind Ensemble[26]. The theater department produces a fall play and a spring musical every year[27]. Bilingual students belonging to the Hale Ambassadors program attend school events to orient families and provide translation[28].

Community Partnerships[edit]

Nathan Hale High School has a Teen Health Center run by Kaiser Permanente that provides free care to students[29]. College Access Now has college counselors on campus to assist first generation students with their college planning and applications[30]. The Coalition for Refugees from Burma provides tutoring after school on Tuesdays[31]. Nathan Hale also works with neighboring Jane Addams Middle School to ease students' transition from middle school to high school[32].


Nathan Hale is a member of the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA). The school has been in the second largest classification, known as 3A, since the 1984-85 school year. It was previously in the largest classification. The Raiders are a member of the Metro League and Sea-King District.[33]

The school supports 16 WIAA activities, including baseball, boys' and girls' basketball, cheer, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, boys' and girls' soccer, softball, coed swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling. Three non-WIAA sanctioned sports are also fielded: boys' lacrosse, girls' lacrosse, and ultimate. The boys' lacrosse team was founded in 1992, making Hale the first public high school in Seattle to have a field lacrosse team.[34]

In 2016, former NBA star Brandon Roy was hired as the head basketball coach, and top recruit Michael Porter Jr., as well as his brothers Jontay and Coban, transferred to the school when their father, Michael Porter Sr., became the assistant coach at the University of Washington. This led to the school becoming nationally relevant, including a national #1 ranking on The basketball team completed the 2016-17 season undefeated, defeating Garfield High School 68-51 in the class-3A state championship game in Tacoma, Washington.[35]

National championships[edit]

The girls' ultimate team were national champions in 2018[36].

State championships[edit]

Nathan Hale has won five team state championships.[37]

Sport Year
Boys' cross country 1966
Boys' gymnastics 1970
Girls' track & field[38] 1971
Boys' soccer[39] 1985
Boys' ultimate[40] 2014
Boys' basketball 2017
Boys' ultimate[36] 2018
Girls' ultimate[36] 2018

† = Boys' gymnastics is now a defunct sport.

Individual state champions[edit]


Notable alumni[edit]




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