Nathan Nata Spira

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Nathan Nata Spiro
Born 1585
Died July 20, 1633
Kraków, Poland
Residence Kraków, Poland
Nationality Polish
Occupation Chief Rabbi of Kraków
Parent(s) Solomon Spiro

Nathan Nata[1] Spira (Hebrew: נתן נטע שפירא‎‎; 1585[2] – July 20, 1633[3]) was a Polish rabbi and kabbalist.[4] He had an important role in spreading Isaac Luria's teachings throughout Poland.[4] Spira was the author of the Megaleh Amukot.[3] Spira was a student of Meir Lublin.[4]

Spira descended from a rabbinical family, which traced its lineage as far back to Rashi, the noted 11th-century French commentator.[2][5] He was named after his grandfather Nathan Nata Spira, who was rabbi in Hrodna and authored of Mevo Shearim (1575) and Imrei shefer (1597).[2][3] His father was Solomon Spira.[3]

Spira had seven children, three sons and four daughters.[6] Spira was Chief Rabbi of Kraków, but refused a salary.[3]


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