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For the Welsh politician and writer (b.1638), see Nathan Rogers (writer).
Nathan Rogers
Birth name Nathan Prescott Warren Rogers
Origin Hamilton, Ontario
Genres Folk
Instruments Guitar Voice
Years active 2004–present
Labels Halfway Cove Borealis Records
Associated acts Stan Rogers, Catherine MacLellan, Barney Bentall, Dry Bones
Notable instruments
Tuvan throat singing
Stomp Box

Nathan Rogers (born July 16, 1979 in Hamilton, Ontario) is a Canadian folk musician/songwriter. He is the son of Stan and Ariel Rogers.[1] His father, a folk musician and songwriter, died in a fire aboard Air Canada Flight 797 on June 2, 1983.[2]

Rogers was immersed in the songwriting tradition from an early age, gaining a keen appreciation for singers and songwriters like Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot and Leonard Cohen. The music of his father, Stan, also featured heavily in his early listening.

Early musical experience consisted of singing in school choirs and plays. While attending boarding school in Oakville, Rogers worked with a world-class boys choir, occasionally touring as far afield as New Orleans. Rogers completed his high school education at Westdale Secondary School in 1997 and moved to Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1998. Rogers worked with Mitch Podolak on the World Next Door Festival then stayed in Winnipeg to pursue a degree in Religious Studies.

In 2004, Rogers approached Rick Fenton to produce his debut album, True Stories.[2] Around the time Rogers released True Stories, he began to develop his talent at throat singing. He has since added a stomp box to his shows to provide rhythm and regularly features Mongolian and Tuvan throat singing.[3] Rogers has been to Iqaluit to study Inuit throat singing and to teach the Tuvan styles.

In 2009, Rogers released his second album, The Gauntlet. The album is supported by Fogarty's Cove Music and was released through Borealis Records.

In 2010, Rogers was aboard the Clipper Adventurer when she ran aground on an uncharted rock in Coronation Bay, Northwest Territories.

More recently, Rogers has teamed up with Leonard Podolak and JD Edwards to create a new folk music power trio called Dry Bones. In 2011, they released the band's first CD.

In March 2016, American blues and Americana artist Watermelon Slim (William P. Homans 3rd) recorded a CD (as yet unreleased) in Winnipeg, Scott Nolan producing, that included an a cappella version of Stan Rogers' "Barretts Privateers." Nathan Rogers honored Slim by being part of the men's singing group backing him in this recording.


  • True Stories (2004)
  • The Gauntlet (2009)
  • Dry Bones (2011)


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