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Nathan Stanbury (1670? – February 2, 1720/1, Philadelphia) was the mayor of colonial Philadelphia from 1 October 1706 to 7 October 1707.[1][2]

Stanbury served as Justice of the Peace of Philadelphia County in 1704.[1]

In 1706, Alderman Thomas Story was first elected to the non-paying office of mayor of Philadelphia; when he refused the honor, he was fined twenty pounds. In a second vote, Stanbury was elected to the position, which he accepted.[1]


Stanbury married widow Mary Ewer (née Wills, d. February 25, 1714/5) at Philadelphia on January 31, 1699.[3] They had three children:

  • Nathan Stanbury (d. 10 June 1704, Philadelphia).
  • Nathan Stanbury (d. 8 June 1712, Philadelphia).
  • Mary Stanbury (1705 – 26 October 1778, Philadelphia).


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