Nathanael Matthaeus von Wolf

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Nathanael Matthaeus von Wolf.

Nathanael Matthaeus von Wolf, Nathanael Matthäus von Wolf, Polish: Nataniel Mateusz Wolf (28 January 1724 in Konitz [1] – 15 December 1784 in Danzig) was a German[2] botanist, physician, and astronomer.

Wolf studied medicine at the University of Erfurt and received his degree of M.D. in 1748. He became the personal physician of Teodor Kazimierz Czartoryski, the Prince-bishop of Poznań, until the bishop's death in 1768. The next year he opened a private office at Tczew and then practised at Danzig (now Gdańsk) from 1772. He went on to spend most of his adult life in Danzig. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1777.

As an astronomer, Wolf also taught the Corps of Cadets in Warsaw. He was a member of the Danzig Research Society (Naturforschende Gesellschaft Danzig) and left his scientific collections to them. He greatly supported the building of a planetarium.

On 10 May 1785, a few months after Wolf's death, the Danzig physician Phillipp Adolph Lampe presented a memorial at the Danzig Research Society.


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