Nathaniel Blakiston

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Nathaniel Blakiston
2ºLeaders of the Protestant Associators of Maryland
In office
Preceded by Francis Nicholson
Succeeded by Thomas Tench
Personal details
Relatives John Blakiston (grandfather), Nehemiah Blakiston
Profession colonial governor
Religion Christian

Colonel Nathaniel Blakiston was the 8th Royal Governor of Maryland from 1698-1702. He succeeded Francis Nicholson and was succeeded by Thomas Tench. He was related to Nehemiah Blakiston.

Early life[edit]

Military career[edit]

Nathaniel Blakiston was grandson of John Blakiston, regicide of King Charles I of England. Blakiston joined to the British army in his young, serving in the West Indies.[1] As a soldier, Blakiston attained the lieutenant-governor rank of Montserrat island, as acting colonel.[1][2]

Colonial governor[edit]

In 1698, Nathaniel Blakiston was appointed governor, of the British colony, of Maryland.[1][2] However, his government only lasted three years, because he had to retire for health problems, in 1701. The court of delegates chose him to serve, as their agent, in London in appreciation for his services, in Monserrat. Later, from 1706 onwards, Blakiston was agent, for the Virginia Colony, in London. Then, in 1775, he returned for Mitchell as a Whig and participated in the recorded division, voting with the administration, in all of them.


Nathaniel Blakiston died, at the end of February, 1722.[1]


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