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Nathaniel Drinkwater is a fictional character, the protagonist of a series of novels by Richard Woodman. In the series, he is an officer in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.


According to Woodman, Drinkwater was born on 28 October 1762 to a poor family. His naval career started in 1779. His patron, Lord Dungarth, encouraged him to keep out of the larger ships of the line to indulge in smaller, and more interesting fictionally, engagements, with a series of secret missions later in his career. His French enemy, Edouard Santhonax appears in several books.

The Nathaniel Drinkwater novels[edit]

The novels, in chronological order

  1. An Eye of the Fleet
  2. A King's Cutter
  3. A Brig of War
  4. The Bomb Vessel
  5. The Corvette
  6. 1805
  7. Baltic Mission
  8. In Distant Waters
  9. A Private Revenge
  10. Under False Colours
  11. The Flying Squadron
  12. Beneath the Aurora
  13. The Shadow of the Eagle
  14. Ebb Tide

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