Nathaniel Dusk

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Nathaniel Dusk
Nathaniel Dusk.jpg
An advertisement for the 1985 miniseries drawn by Gene Colan.
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Nathaniel Dusk #1 (February 1984)
Created by Don McGregor
Gene Colan
In-story information
Full name Nathaniel Dusk
Abilities Skilled investigator

Nathaniel Dusk is the name of a fictional private investigator and the two mini-series by DC Comics in which he appeared. The mini-series, both of four issues each, appeared in 1984 and 1985. Don McGregor wrote and Gene Colan provided pencils for both series.[1]

Nathaniel Dusk is a private investigator from New York City whose adventures in the 1930s are portrayed in the stories. He served in the United States armed forces in World War I and was hired by the New York City police force. Dusk fell deeply in love with Joyce Gulino, a beautiful young saleswoman with two children, Jennie and Anthony. Gulino's ex-husband was a gangster named Joseph Costilino. Costilino later killed his family.[1] When Don McGregor was writing the series, he revealed that he based Dusk after actor Robert Culp. McGregor adds that he was watching Culp's TV series I Spy when the idea of Nathaniel Dusk came into his mind.


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