Nathaniel Hurd

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Nathaniel Hurd
Nathaniel Hurd
Portrait of Nathaniel Hurd by John Singleton Copley, ca.1765 (Cleveland Museum of Art)
Born c. 1729
Died 1777
Occupation engraver and silversmith

Nathaniel Hurd (c. 1729 – 1777) was an engraver and silversmith in Boston, Massachusetts, in the 18th century.[1] He engraved "bookplates ... heraldic devices, seals, ... paper currency, and business cards."[2][3] The lion rampant logo for the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy is taken from a bookplate Hurd designed for John Phillips in 1775.[4] Examples of Hurd's work are in the collections of Harvard University; Yale University; Historic Deerfield;[5] the Lexington Historical Society; and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.


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