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Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel Nathaniel West of Poplar Neck (c. 1665 – 1723) was a resident and the member for King William County in the House of Burgesses of the British Colony and Dominion of Virginia.


West was the third son of Colonel John West and Unity Croshaw.[1]

Lieutenant-Colonel Nathaniel West was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses for King William County, Virginia 1703–1705. The House of Burgess was the representative assembly in colonial Virginia; the First elective governing body in a British overseas possession. The assembly was one division of the legislature established by Governor George Yeardley at Jamestown July 30, 1619; the other included the governor himself and a council, all appointed by the colonial proprietor (the Virginia Company). Because each Virginia settlement was entitled to elect two burgess, the original membership of the House of Burgess was 22.

Marriage and issue[edit]

On May 14, 1702, Nathaniel married Martha Woodward (1665–1727) in York County, Virginia.[citation needed] Martha was the widow of Gideon Macon. They lived at Poplar Neck and had one daughter, Unity, who married, as his second wife, William Dandridge {1689-1743}, brother of John Dandridge.

Nathaniel and Martha both died in 1723 in New Kent County, Virginia.[citation needed]


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