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Directed by Yogesh Jaadhav
Produced by Nita Deokar
Starring Teja Devkar
Ajinkya Deo Subodh Bhave Priya Berde Kishor Kadam Kishori Shahane Shashank Shende
Cinematography Suresh Deshmane
Release dates
  • 19 September 2014 (2014-09-19)
Country India
Language Marathi

Nati (Marathi: नटी), (meaning: Actress) is a Marathi film directed by Yogesh Jaadhav. Nita Deokar has produced the film and Teja Devkar is in the lead role. The film is said to be an inspiration from Bollywood actress Jiah Khan's tragic suicide.[1] The film also draws major inspirations from Faisal Saif directed 2006's controversial Hindi film Jigyaasa.[citation needed]



The movie is in its shooting process in the locales of India. The movie is an attempt to depict the life of and actress, her rise or fall in fame. Some of the scenes are inspired by real life incidences in the film industry, should be taken positively off course.

Actress Teja Devkar is roped in to play Jiah Khan in the film.


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