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Industry Cyber-security for IIoT company
Founded 2012
Founder Daniel Jammer
Key people
Idan Udi Edry (CEO)
Guy Barnhart-Magen (CTO)
Daniel Jammer (Chairman of the Board)

Nation-E is a privately owned international company innovating in cyber-security for IIoT (Industrial IoT). Nation-E was founded in 2012 by Daniel Jammer, a German-Israeli business man. Israel-based Nation-E recently expanded its footprint into the United States by opening a new office in Silicon Valley, home to many of the world's largest technology corporations.

In 2014 Mr. Daniel Jammer was dubbed one of the leading cyber security figures in Israel by Globes, Israel's leading business magazine.[1] The firm is now run by Idan Udi Edry, the new CEO since January 2016.


Nation-E started its journey as an energy storage solutions provider, originally developing fast charging solutions, both stationary and mobile, with the growing deployment of renewable energies and the need to integrate them into the existing power grid. The company now focuses on innovative cyber-security solutions, to protect critical assets and infrastructures from cyber-attacks. Their solutions are designed for several industries: energy generation, energy storage, industrial systems, serial devices, and are building technologies that enable the next generation of industrial IT (Industry 4.0). Their solution adapts IT security best practices into IIoT and securely bridges the gap between the isolated OT (Operational technology) domain and the IT domain.


Nation-E offers last mile cyber protection for critical infrastructure assets. Their solutions implement modern IT security approaches in the Operational Technology ecosystems in order to secure inherent system vulnerabilities and firmly protect against cyber-attacks targeting critical assets.

They focus on detection and mitigation of real-time breaches, while minimizing the operational and financial impact caused by malicious attacks.

These solutions monitor Operational Technology traffic, enforce security policy, provide access control, and secure asset communications through authentication and encryption.

Nation-E's products integrate with existing customer platforms, both modern and legacy, as well as 3rd-party applications such as SCADA, Access Control, sensors and SIEMs.



"Cerebrum" (Latin for brain) is an intelligent gateway to the entire span of energy sources, enabling ultra-secure real-time energy management and cloud operations, automated processing and remote control. This is the first platform that can both communicate and manage any kind of generation assets and integrate energy storages into networks. Cerebrum works on existing infrastructures, thus improving their profitability and network security dramatically.


On March 2016 Nation-E concluded a successful pilot project with the main supplier of electrical power in Israel, IEC (Israel Electric Corporation). The goal of this project was to demonstrate defense capabilities against attacks targeting communication lines.

According to Yossi Schenk, Vice President of IEC, the electric company is committed to finding advanced solutions to protect against the tens of thousands daily cyber-attacks on the utility.

"We're working diligently to be a step ahead of the cyber attackers," says Idan Udi Edry, CEO of Nation-E. "It is a unique privilege to see the technology we have developed protect the critical infrastructures which we use in or daily lives."[2]

Official technology partners: IBM Check Point


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