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The National 199er Pairs national bridge championship was held until 2013 at the summer American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) North American Bridge Championship (NABC).

The National 199er Pairs was a one-day, two-session matchpoint pairs event. The event typically started on the second Thursday of the NABC and was restricted to players with fewer than 200 masterpoints.


Winners of National 199er Pairs
Year Winners Runners-Up
1995 Julie Horton, Steve Horton
1998 John Javella, Madelyn Bachman Parames Laosinchia, Ron Trimmer
1999 Mauro Viale, Tom Henry Gail Himmelstein, Fran Bernstein
2000 Trevor Warren, Cobe Venner Scott Gorsuch, Clinton Gorsuch
2001 Bernie Mayer, David Cohen Jim Betts, Ross Holden
2002 Calvin Cobb, Chip King Bob Sturm, Tom Marcelino
2003 Gus Haggstrom, Mitchell Tuller Maureen Warman, Jessica Lai
2004 Matthew Bresler, Steve Winer Larry Goldstein, David Katzman
2005 Ellen Cohen, Genny Whitaker William Mauldin, David Banh
2006 Honor Mogul, Leonard Dubin Jon Ullman, Don Recht
2007 Tom Graff, Roger Koeppe Sean Gannon, Rick Gannon
2008 Terri Miladinovich, Mitch Miladinovich Connie Jones, Mel Fineberg
2009 Kenneth Marshall, Roy Robson Richard Malus, Nick Trobovic
2010 Jim Baker, Gwen Baker


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