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National Accident Day (or Accident Day, kansallinen tapaturmapäivä) is a day to raise awareness about automotive safety in the country of Finland.[1][2] It is chosen to be on Friday the 13th each year, and because there is a least one Friday the 13th per year on the modern Gregorian calendar this is always possible. [3] The event-day was started in 1995.[4] In 2013, NAD was on September 13, and at that time Finland was having about one million reported accidents of which there was 2,800 deaths.[5] Accident day is not limited to automotive accidents however, it is also to bring awareness to increasing safety in workplaces.[1] Another place for increased safety awareness is in the home.[4]

The day is promoted by the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, which works also works other government and non-government agencies for this event.[6]

In 2016 Finlands National Accident Day occurred on May 13, 2016.[7] The theme for that year was "accidents caused by haste", and there was increased traffic patrols in the weeks prior to the special day.[8] One of the ongoing concerns is the hundreds of pedestrians, cyclists, and moped riders that are injured on the road.[8] The police focused on pedestrian intersections, and they also wanted to monitor automotive behavior in addition to the pedestrians.[8] One of the Finnish concerns is that pedestrians and cyclists need more awareness when traveling.[8]

Accident day is not a National Public Holiday of Finland.[9]

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