National Action (Australia)

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National Action
LeaderJim Saleam
FounderJim Saleam and David Greason
HeadquartersTempe, NSW 2044
Political positionFar-right
Australian nationalism
Ethnic nationalism
Far-right politics

National Action was a militant Australian white supremacist group founded by a convicted criminal and neo-Nazi, Jim Saleam[1] and former neo-Nazi David Greason. Saleam co-founded the group on Anzac Day, 1982, after having been a member of the short-lived National Socialist Party of Australia as a teenager during the 1970s.[2]

Jim Saleam’s criminal convictions include property offenses and fraud in 1984 and being an accessory before the fact in regard to organising a shotgun attack in 1989 on African National Congress representative Eddie Funde.[1][3] Saleam served jail terms for both crimes.[1] He pleaded not guilty to both charges, claiming that he was set up by police.[3] The group was disbanded following the murder of a member, Wayne "Bovver" Smith, in the group's headquarters at Tempe.[1] Saleam became NSW chairman of Australia First Party,[1] and stood as its endorsed candidate several times.

The National Action co-founder David Greason's book, I was a Teenage Fascist, tells of Greason's own time within the Australian neo-Nazi movement and the events behind the founding of National Action.[2]

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