National Active Non-Commissioned Officers School (France)

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École Nationale des Sous-Officiers d’Active (ENSOA or National Active Non-Commissioned Officers National School) is a general military school created by the French Army in 1963 to train career NCOs (Sous-Officiers) on active service. It is a reorganization of the previous Saint-Maixent NCO School.

As of 2006, the ENSOA also trains reserve NCOs for both initial (squad leader) and higher-level (platoon leader) functions. The first reserve promotion sessions were held in July 2006. Contrary to active NCO training which lasts 8 months for new recruits or 4 months for senior enlisted soldiers, reserve NCO training is composed of two two-weeks sessions (one two-weeks session for senior reserve enlisted soldiers).

Coordinates: 46°24′57″N 0°12′47″W / 46.4158°N 0.2131°W / 46.4158; -0.2131