National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience

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National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience
National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience.png
Owner Boy Scouts of America
Country United States
Founded 2006
National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience
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National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)[1] is a training program of Boy Scouts of America. The format is a week-long, high-adventure, backcountry leadership development experience, providing young men and women aged 14 through 20 the environment to enhance their leadership skills.

Program content[edit]

Initially developed for Philmont Training Center (PTC) in Cimarron, New Mexico, the program has been offered regionally and at other high adventure bases. NAYLE is an element of the Youth Leadership Training Continuum.

NAYLE expands upon the team-building and ethical decision-making skills learned in National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), which is a pre-requisite for NAYLE. NAYLE uses the Philmont Ranger training and advanced search-and-rescue training to teach leadership, teamwork, and the lessons of selfless service. NAYLE is included in the overall leadership training program.

NAYLE replaces the National Youth Leader Instructor Camp (NYLIC), which itself replaced the previous National Junior Leader Instructor Camp (NJLIC).[2] Unlike NYLIC, NAYLE is not intended to specifically train youth staff for local NYLT courses.

As of 2015, the wilderness-based, challenging program is based at the Boy Scout High Adventure bases:

  • Philmont Scout Ranch (Rayado Leadership Mesa, part of Philmont Training Center[3]) - 7 courses in Summer 2016[4]
  • Northern Tier - 3 courses in Summer 2016[5]
  • Sea Base - 1 course in Spring 2016[6]
  • Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve - 2 courses in Summer 2016[7]

In prior years (2011 to 2013), NAYLE was conducted regionally at Boy Scout camps including Onteora Scout Reservation in Livingston Manor, NY, but these courses have since been discontinued.

Program goals[edit]

The program promises a number of subjective outcomes focusing on an individual's perspective, opinion, and feelings, including "growing self-awareness, growing self-confidence, growing creativity, the happiness from helping others succeed, understanding that everyone is a leader, everyone in the group contributes in a significant way to team success, knowing leadership is a way of life."

The program's goals are to:

  • Encourage others to a life of leadership service
  • Act as a servant leader who shares the skills of NYLT and helps develop other leaders through their enhanced understanding of the material
  • Intuitively use the leadership skills in all aspects of their lives
  • Be an advocate for ILST, ILSC and NYLT in their local environment
  • Use positive reinforcement to help others do their best

NAYLE is designed to equip participants with the skills to return to their local council and serve as staff on their local NYLT course, as summer camp staff, and as better troop leaders. NAYLE is designed to teach participants servant leadership skills in Scouting and for later life so they can lead for the good of others.

Program activities[edit]

During the week-long backcountry experience, participants are challenged with various activities linked to the skills of leadership defined in NYLT:

Activity Purpose Leadership Skill
Project COPE Team development Valuing people, leadership behaviors
Wilderness first aid Learn advanced skills for later application in search and rescue Planning, communication, problem solving
Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geocaching

(Varies by location)

Learn advanced outdoor skills for application throughout the course Teaching EDGE (Explain, Demonstrate, Guide, Enable), conflict resolution, problem solving
Search and rescue Learn advanced outdoor skills for application throughout the course Teaching EDGE, communication, problem solving
Leave No Trace Learn advanced outdoor skills for application throughout the course Ethical decision making
Conservation Give back to Philmont through service Teaching EDGE, servant leadership
Philmont / Local history Understand the value of a legacy Servant leadership


Attendees must meet these qualifications:

In 2010, program attendance was opened to females. The NYLT to NAYLE Bridge Course was available during the first quarter of 2010 for Venturing youth who were not previously able to take NYLT. Venturing Crew members must now take NYLT to attend NAYLE.

The cost of the program varies by venue. Travel to each location is the responsibility of the participant.


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