National Aeronaval Service

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National Aeronaval Service
Escudo actual.png
Shield of the Servicio Nacional Aeronaval de Panamá
Active20 August 2008 – present
Country Panama
BranchNavy and Air Force
RoleAir and Naval Operations
Size2,500 personnel, 20 boats, 15 aircraft
Motto(s)Dios, Patria y Honor
(God, Fatherland and Honor)
ColorsBlue and gold         
Commandant of the National Aeronaval Service of Panama[1]Commissioner Gilberto Méndez
Assistant Commandant of SENANCommissioner Juan Pino

The National Aeronaval Service of Panama, also called SENAN (Spanish abbreviation for Servicio Nacional Aeronaval), is a branch of the Public Forces of the Republic of Panama responsible for carrying out naval and air operations. Its main function is to "Perform protection, surveillance, security and defense of the air and maritime jurisdictional areas of the Republic of Panama '. [2] at the date of January 2018 the Naval and Air Service has approximately 4,000 troops in active service, with 20 boats and approximately 20 aircraft.


The SENAN has its origins in the merger of the former National Maritime Service and the National Air Service of Panama as a result of the enactment of Decree Law No. 7 of August 20, 2008. Is a component of the security forces, which establishes the public security service, to guarantee the life honor and property of foreign and domestic jurisdictional spaces, by using air and naval means, thus contributing to public policy, humanitarian relief and facilitating an environment for development social and economic development of Panama.

The SENAN reports administratively to the Public Security Ministry, which is directed by the Executive. The biggest operational SENAN Position is the Commissioner General of the National Aeronaval Service.

Following a 30.6.2010 government agreement, Italy delivered 6 patrol boats to the SENAN:

  • 2 Diciotti class commissioned on 24.4.2014 as ex Italian Coast Guard: PO 901 (ex CP 902 Ubaldo Diciotti); PO 902 (ex CP 903 Luigi Dattilo)
  • 4 200/S class commissioned on 31.5.2012 as ex Italian Coast Guard: PC 220 "Presidente Guillermo Endara", PC 221 "Presidente Ernesto P. Balladares", PC 222 "Presidente Mireya Moscoso", PC 223 "Presidente Martín Torrijos" (ex CP 266, CP 270, CP 272, CP 275; all not confirmed)

Other boats includes:

  • Support Vessels
    • L-401 SENAN "Independencia": ex-USCG seagoing buoy tender  United States
    • L-402 SENAN "General Esteban Huertas" - Barcaza Class LCU
    • L-403 SENAN "Pdte. Manuel Amador Guerrero" - LCU
    • L-24 Lina Maria - logistics  Colombia
    • L-26 Jicaron - logistics  Colombia
  • Class 900 (Fincantieri)
    • P-901 - Ocean (Littoral) Patrol Boat  Italy
  • Vosper PB (Vosper Thorneycroft)
  • Point-class cutter
  • Super 200 Class (Rodriquez Cantieri Navali)
    • P-220 Pdte. Guillermo Endara  Italy
    • P-221 Pdte. Ernesto P. Balladares  Italy
    • P-222 Pdte. Mireya Moscoso  Italy
    • P-223 Pdte. Martin Torrijose Herrera  Italy
  • Mark IV
  • Mark-II
  • Cazador 45 - rigid hull craft
  • Nor-Tech BIM 43 - based on 390 Sport Cuddy Center Console boats
  • Eduardono
  • Donzin


The SENAN is organized into the following Regions:

  • 1st (Primera) Region
  • 2nd (Segunda) Region
  • 3rd (Tercera) Region

The SENAN handles the following operational units:

  • Infantry Battalion
  • Air and Naval Police
  • Naval Squadron
  • Air Group
  • Aeronaval Commandos
  • Search and Rescue Unit


  • Base Naval Vasco Nuñez de Balboa
  • Captain Lloyd Nunez Command Base
  • Captain Juan Delgado Air Base
  • Major Salvador Cordoba Air Station
  • Octavio Rodriguez Garrido Air Station


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