National Alliance (Norway)

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National Alliance
Leader Terje Nordlien
Founded 1999
Dissolved 2006
Headquarters Haugerud, Oslo
Youth wing Norwegian Youth
Ideology Nationalism
European affiliation None
International affiliation None
Colours Red, White, Blue
Website (defunct)

The National Alliance (Norwegian: NasjonalAlliansen, NA) was a Norwegian political party that was founded on 25 February 1999.


The two main forces behind the party were Arnljot Moseng (party secretary) and Kjell Tore Vogsland (party leader). Both of them, along with the vice leaders Kenneth Hartmann and Tore Petersen, had a past in the Fatherland Party. In the summer of 2000, Oddbjørn Jonstad, who had founded the Norwegian People's Party the year before, became new chairman and the party adopted the name Norwegian People's Party. After receiving merely 0.06% of the votes in the 2001 election (as the Norwegian People's Party) the party chose to take its old name and profile back. Shortly after, with some internal turmoil, Jonstad left the party and restarted the Norwegian People's Party.[1]

At the annual meeting in May 2004 a new board was selected; however, shortly after this the party was left inactive.[2] The National Alliance was finally disestablished on 13 March 2006.[3]

Political profile[edit]

The party had officially no clearly defined ideology; however, it was clearly nationalistic in nature. Its main issues were to immediately stop immigration to Norway, as well as repatriate all immigrants who already were in the country. In addition, the party also focused on district-, and green politics.[4] The logo of the party had very close resemblances to that of the Italian National Alliance[5] and to a degree the French Front National,[6] showing what parties the National Alliance aligned itself with internationally. Party leader Kjell Tore Vogsland also expressed an admiration for Jörg Haider and Jean-Marie Le Pen.[5] The youth organization of the party was Norwegian Youth (Norsk Ungdom).


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