National Anthem of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

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National Anthem of Kingdom of Yugoslavia
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National anthem of Kingdom of Yugoslavia Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Lyrics Jovan Đorđević (Bože pravde), Antun Mihanović (Lijepa naša domovino), Simon Jenko (Naprej zastava slave)
Music Davorin Jenko (Bože pravde and Naprej zastava slave), Josif Runjanin (Lijepa naša domovino)
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National Anthem of Kingdom of Yugoslavia

The National anthem of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes 1918–1929) was created in December 1918 from the national anthems of the Kingdom's main three constituent historical provinces: Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. In those times the official authorities considered the three nations, Croats, Serbs and Slovenes as one nation with three names. The official language was thus called the Serbo-Croato-Slovene language.

Although a law on the national anthem did not exist, the anthems of all three South Slavic nations were unified into a single anthem of the Kingdom. It started with a few measures from the Serbian anthem "Bože pravde", continued with a few lines from the Croatian anthem "Lijepa naša domovino", which were in turn followed by a few lines from the traditional Slovenian anthem "Naprej zastava slave". The anthem finished with some lines from the Serbian anthem again.

It was officially used between 1919 and 1941. There was no official document that declared the anthem invalid, or void. The Constitution of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia was not in effect after the April capitulation.



Bože pravde, Ti što spase
Od propasti do sad nas,
Čuj i od sad naše glase,
I od sad nam budi spas!
Lijepa naša domovino,
Oj junačka zemljo mila,
Stare slave djedovino,
Da bi vazda sretna bila!
Naprej zastava slave,
Na boj junaška kri!
Za blagor očetnjave
Naj puška govori!
Bože spasi, Bože hrani
Našeg Kralja i naš rod!
Kralja Petra, Bože hrani,
Moli ti se sav naš rod.[1]

The third line of the last verse was changed to "Kralja Aleksandra, Bože hrani," during the reign of Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

English translation[edit]

God of justice, You have saved us
from damnation till this day;
Hear our voices from this day,
And from now be our salvation.
Our beautiful homeland,
Dear country glorious and fearful,
Our fathers' old glory,
May you be blessed forever!
Forward, the flags of glory,
To the fight blood of heroes.
For well being of the Fatherland,
Let the rifles speak.
God save, God protect,
Our King and our people!
King Peter, God protect,
Praying to You is all our kind!

The third line of the last verse was changed to "King Aleksandar, God protect" during the reign of Alexander I of Yugoslavia.

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