National Aquarium of New Zealand

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National Aquarium of New Zealand
Napier aquarium logo.jpg
The National Aquarium of New Zealand's logo.
Napier aquarium entrance.jpg
The entrance to the aquarium.
Date opened 1976
Location Napier, New Zealand
Coordinates 39°30′03″S 176°55′08″E / 39.5007°S 176.9189°E / -39.5007; 176.9189Coordinates: 39°30′03″S 176°55′08″E / 39.5007°S 176.9189°E / -39.5007; 176.9189
No. of animals 1500+
No. of species 50+
Major exhibits Oceanarium, New Zealand Native Animals

The National Aquarium of New Zealand, also known as Napier Aquarium is a public aquarium in Napier, New Zealand. There is a gift shop and cafe on site.


View from inside the 50m acrylic tunnel of the 1,500,000L oceanarium.

The aquarium originally opened in its current location napier in 1976. In its first year of its life it attracted 230,000 visitors at a time when the population of Napier was about 50,000. In its first 5 years of operation over 750,000 people visited.

In 2002 the aquarium underwent a NZD $8 million extension and renovation which included the addition of a 1,500,000L oceanarium with a 50m acrylic tunnel and the replacement of all the original tanks with newly constructed ones.


The aquarium boasts the following exhibits:

Viewing window into the 1,500,000L oceanarium.


The aquarium has two temporary exhibit halls, one on the upper level and the other adjacent to the oceanarium, a souvenir shop and cafe.

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