National Archives Archeological Site (College Park, Maryland)

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National Archives Site
US National Archives II.jpg
National Archives at College Park
Nearest city College Park, Maryland
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Added to NRHP August 22, 1996

The National Archives Site is an archeological site at the National Archives facility in College Park, Prince George's County, Maryland. The site contains archeological remains from prehistoric settlements during the Late Archaic period, c. 4000-1500 B.C. Stone artifacts recovered through archeological testing indicate that this camp served as a place of stone tool manufacture and probably as a staging point for hunting and foraging. Physical integrity of the prehistoric component is high, with little plow disturbance or admixture with artifacts from other periods. The presence of a small number of other artifacts, including the projectile points, a spokeshave, and utilized flakes, indicates that the site also served in other hunting and foraging pursuits. It is one of a relatively small percentage of known prehistoric properties in Maryland with undisturbed archeological deposits.[2]

It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1996.[1]


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