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National Archive Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Azərbaycan Respublikasının Milli Arxiv İdarəsi
Emblem of Azerbaijan.svg
Coat of Arms of Azerbaijan
Agency overview
Formed December 2, 2002
Preceding agency
  • Central State Archive of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Headquarters 3 Ziya Bunyadov Avenue, Baku, Azerbaijan AZ1106[1]
Agency executive

The National Archive Department of the Republic of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijani: Azərbaycan Respublikasının Milli Arxiv İdarəsi) is a governmental agency within the Cabinet of Azerbaijan in charge of managing, maintaining, protecting and updating national archives of Azerbaijan. The agency is headed by Atakhan Pashayev.


After occupation of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic in 1920, the Bolsheviks established the State Archives Fund under the People's Commissariat for Education which started its activities in 1921. In 1922, the management of the archives was passed to the Bureau of Central Executive Committee of Azerbaijan SSR. In 1925, similar archives department was created in Nakhchivan. Starting from 1928, regional chapters of the state archives department were created throughout the republic. In 1930, the Central Committee of the Communist Party established the Central Archives Department, which was made up of Central State October Revolution Archives and Central State Historical Archives. In 1938, the management of the archives was passed under jurisdiction of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and in 1960 it was subordinated to the Cabinet of Ministers. In 1966, State Literature and Arts Archives of Azerbaijan SSR was created.[2]

The National Archive Department was established on December 2, 2002 by the Presidential Decree No. 816 on the basis of an existing Main Archives Department of the Cabinet of Ministers, which had been in existence since March 11, 1994 in order to modernize the management and maintenance of national archives of Azerbaijan.[3] Its statute was approved on September 27, 2003 by President Heydar Aliyev. The agency ensures implementation of state policies in relation to updating and maintaining national archives through its direct activities in collection and preservation of data and documents as well as through it regional chapters and the national archives of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan. The activities of the department are financed through funds allocated from the state budget of Azerbaijan.[4]


The agency is headed by its chief and the department collegium. The collegium is chaired by the chief of National Archive Department, and his deputy. The archive department has two main bodies: the Scientific Council and Central Expert Verification Commission. Main functions of the agency are participation in policy building in regards to management of national archives; ensuring acceptance, protection and careful use of the archival documents related to cultural heritage and history of Azerbaijan as well as documents of scientific, historical, social, economic, importance; collection, categorization, accounting and management of archival resources; continuously modifying the archives management system in accordance with international standards; writing progress reports to the government of Azerbaijan on the status of state archives.[4] Currently, there are 6 state archives under central management of the National Archive Department, 15 regional chapters and State Archives of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.[2]

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