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National Archives of Sweden
Swedish: Riksarkivet
Riksarkivet myndighetsvapen - Riksarkivet Sverige.png
Agency overview
Formed 1618 (1618)[1]
Jurisdiction Government of Sweden
Headquarters Stockholm, Sweden
Minister responsible

The National Archives of Sweden (Swedish: Riksarkivet, RA) is one of the oldest public agencies in Sweden, with a history leading back to the Middle Ages. The chief of Riksarkivet is called the Riksarkivarie.

A branch within the Archives has a special responsibility for public heraldry in Sweden. The head of this branch has the title State Herald (statsheraldiker).

Since 1963, the Royal Palace Archives at Stockholm Palace has been a section under the National Archives.


Novgorod Occupation Archives[edit]

The "Novgorod occupation archives" (Swedish: Ockupationsarkivet från Novgorod) is the modern name (since the 1960s) of a unique collection of documents in the National Archives. They are written in Russian by Russian administrators of the city of Veliky Novgorod during the years 1611-1617 when the Swedish army occupied the city, as part of a war bargain. Among the documents are both originals and those copies that were intended to be sent to Moscow. When the Swedish army withdrew from the city, the commander Jacob De la Gardie collected these documents as useful evidence in the peace negotiations and brought them back to his quarters in Estonia. Later the documents came to Stockholm, where their importance were recognized in the mid 19th century, as a source of Russian history. They were first cataloged in 1964 by Russian historian Sergei Dmitrievsky. An improved catalog was printed and published in 2005.[2] The documents (30,000 pages) have been microfilmed, and the monochrome microfilm has later been digitized and is available online. The collection consists of series 1 with 141 books and series 2 with 368 scrolls.[3][4]

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