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History of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Bird
Ancient history
Leopard's Kopje c.900–1075
Mapungubwe Kingdom c.1075–1220
Zimbabwe Kingdom c.1220–1450
Butua Kingdom c.1450–1683
Mutapa Kingdom c.1450–1760
White settlement pre-1923
Rozvi Empire c.1684–1834
Rudd Concession 1888
BSA Company rule 1890–1923
First Matabele War 1893–1894
Second Matabele War 1896–1897
World War I involvement 1914–1918
Colony of Southern Rhodesia 1923–1980
World War II involvement 1939–1945
Malayan Emergency
Federation with Northern
Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Rhodesian Bush War 1964–1979
Rhodesia under UDI 1965–1979
Zimbabwe-Rhodesia June–Dec 1979
Dec 1979
British Dependency 1979–1980
Zimbabwe 1980–present
Gukurahundi 1982–1987
Second Congo War 1998–2003
Coup d'état 2017

The National Archives of Zimbabwe are the national archives of Zimbabwe. They are located in Harare.[1]

They were created by a law of 1935, and have been known by their present name since the National Archives Act 1936. They include the archives of the former Southern Rhodesia, and are formed of a network of five regional archives divided into eight provinces. From 1953-1963, they were the central repository of the National Archives of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

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