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National Assembly
Hagerawi Baito
Emblem of Eritrea (or argent azur).svg
Founded February 1992
President of the Assembly
Isaias Afwerki, PFDJ
Since 24 May 1993
Seats 104 members (64 appointed, 40 elected from the PFDJ
National Assembly of Eritrea.svg
Political groups
     Appointed (64)
     PFDJ (40)
Meeting place
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Emblem of Eritrea (or argent azur).svg
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The National Assembly of Eritrea (Hagerawi Baito) has 104 members, 60 members appointed and 44 members representing the members of the Central Committee of the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ), the sole legal political party of Eritrea. According to the IPU, parliament has 150 indirectly elected members. The National Assembly was composed in February 1992. AFP reported that Eritreans have elected 399 representatives in the country's six regions in a lengthy process that will lead to the formation of a constituent assembly. The regional elections began on 4 January 1997 in some parts of the country and were completed in others by 1 March 1997.

While Eritrea was federated to Ethiopia, and later annexed from 1952-1962, the Eritrean Assembly was the legislative body.

Presidents of the Eritrean Assembly[edit]

Name Period
Ali Mussa Radai 1952 - 1955
Idris Muhammad Adam 1955 - 1957
Tedla Bairu 1957 - 1962

President of the National Assembly[edit]

Name Period
Isaias Afewerki May 24, 1993 – Present

e • d Composition[citation needed] of the National Assembly of Eritrea
Members Seats
Appointed members 64
Central Committee of the People's Front for Democracy and Justice 40
Total 104

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