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National Assembly
Seats 352 members (250 and 102)
Meeting place
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The National Assembly (ملی شورا), also known as the Afghan Parliament,[1] is Afghanistan's national legislature. It is a bicameral body, comprising two chambers:

According to Chapter Five of the Constitution of Afghanistan, "[t]he National Assembly of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the highest legislative organ is the manifestation of the will of its people and represents the whole nation. Every member of the National Assembly takes into judgment the general welfare and supreme interests of all people of Afghanistan at the time of casting their vote".[2]

A new larger building for the Afghan National Assembly has been constructed with Indian assistance. Mohammed Zahir Shah, King of Afghanistan from 1933 to 1973, laid the foundation stone for the building in August 2005.[3] It is located across from the now-ruined Darul Aman Palace.

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