National Association of Parliamentarians

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National Association of Parliamentarians
NAP Logo.png
Abbreviation NAP
Type 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation
Headquarters Independence, Missouri, United States
Ann Guiberson, PRP
Executive Director
Mike Chamberlain, CAE

The National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) is the largest non-profit association of parliamentarians in the world. NAP is dedicated to the study, promotion and use of parliamentary procedure as the basis of democratic process in association worldwide.

NAP was organized in 1930, and has a current membership of approximately 3400 members actively studying and using parliamentary procedure in civic, charitable, community, faith based organizations, business and professional associations, and government entities. NAP also offers a certification program for those who are actively providing professional parliamentary consulting services to others.

NAP holds a biennial convention (odd numbered years), a national training conference (even numbered years) and offers webinars, printed educational and reference material thought the national office and on line training as well as a correspondence course through the University of Wisconsin. At the local level, NAP offers small group study and practice through local study units (chapters).


NAP has several levels of membership:

Regular member
An individual who has passed the membership exam and is therefore a full voting and participating member of NAP.
Registered Parliamentarian (RP)
An individual who has taken an extensive written test on parliamentary procedure and achieved a grade of 85% or higher.
Professional Registered Parliamentarian (PRP)
An individual who has, through education, examination and demonstration shown a thorough knowledge and proficiency in applying parliamentary procedure to the conduct of meetings of all sizes, in writing and interpreting bylaws, in providing parliamentary opinions, in teaching parliamentary procedure, and in serving organizations in other areas of parliamentary procedure and practice.

NAP also offers student and retired membership. Those individuals who wish to begin studying parliamentary procedure can join a local study unit as a provisional unit member.


  • National Parliamentarian- quarterly publication of NAP, including articles on parliamentary procedure and news/information on NAP.
  • NAP publishes a monthly e-newsletter to all members and others with schedules of upcoming webinars, nationally and regionally sponsored events, and other association information.

NAP also publishes and sells a wide variety of educational material, reference materials and meeting aids related to Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised. These resources are available to the general public in the NAP online store at

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