Napo (trade union)

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NAPO logo.png
Full name Napo
Members 9000
Affiliation TUC, GFTU, TUCG
Key people Ian Lawrence (General Secretary)
Office location London, UK
Country United Kingdom

Napo (formerly the National Association of Probation Officers) is the trade union and professional association that represents probation staff including probation officers and other operational and administrative staff and Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service staff in the United Kingdom.

Napo was formed on 22 May 1912. It was a member of the Standing Conference of Organisations of Social Workers from 1962, but decided not to join the new British Association of Social Workers in 1970. In 2001, it opted to change its title to "Napo–the trade union and professional association for family court and probation staff".[1] It holds an annual general meeting which is open to all members of the union.

It retains a campaigning remit on both criminal justice and family court matters and is recognised as an influential and respectable source of information by both the media and politicians of all parties.

The Probation Journal, established in 1929, is published by SAGE Publications in association with Napo.[2][3]


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