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National Association of Students of Architecture
TypeStudent Association
  • School of Planning and Architecture, Dept. of Architecture, New Delhi
Region served

National Association of Students of Architecture, briefly designated as NASA India, is a student association, one of its kind for the undergraduate students of Architecture in India. It was established in 1957 with seven colleges, namely:

The founding colleges being:

  1. The Maharaja Sayajirao University, Vadodara.
  2. Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.
  3. L. S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai.

with a common aim and objective to provide the students a platform for interaction, a platform where students from varied cultural backgrounds would learn and share their knowledge. NASA India now includes students of over 240 colleges from across the country, divided geographically into six zones. NASA India is a non profit and non political association registered under the Society's Act 1860 vide no. 24786 as applicable to the National Capital Territory of New Delhi, India. NASA India has its headquarters currently located at the Department of Architecture, School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

To achieve its aims and objectives, NASA India hosts various events like,

  • The Annual NASA Design Competition (ANDC)
  • Seminars, Workshops
  • Panel Discussions
  • Arch Talk Series
  • Zonal NASA Conventions
  • Laurie Baker Centre Workshops
  • The Annual NASA Convention

Executive Council: NASA India[edit]

  • National President: Tarun Krishna
  • National Secretary: Chaitanya Gajbhiye
  • National Vice President: Neeraj Kumar
  • National Treasurer: Abdus Samad
  • Programs Head: Divyansh Gupta
  • Events Head: Hari S
  • Advisor: Manogna Malempati

Zonal Council: NASA India[edit]

  • Zonal President, Zone 1: Muskan Goyal
  • Zonal President, Zone 2: Nikhil Ahir
  • Zonal President, Zone 3: Arushi Ponnala
  • Zonal President, Zone 4: Sharanya Chitrala
  • Zonal President, Zone 5: Ajay Betageri
  • Zonal President, Zone 6: Navaneeth Krishna

Annual conventions[edit]

The Annual NASA Conventions are a platform for the students from across the country and the SAARC nations to brush up the skills at various levels. With over 5000-6000 Delegates over all, they are held in a city in India, attracting architecture students and mentors from across the globe.

Hosts for previous conventions[edit]

  • 1st Annual NASA Convention 1957 – Sir J.J. College of Architecture
  • 4th Annual NASA Convention 1961 – Bengal Engineering College Shibpur, Kolkata
  • 19th Annual NASA Convention 1976 – VRCE, Nagpur
  • 25th Annual NASA Convention Jan 1983 – School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  • 27th Annual NASA Convention Dec 1984 - IIT Kharagpur
  • 28th Annual NASA Convention Dec 1985 - College of Engineering, Trivandrum, Kerala
  • 29th Annual NASA Convention 1986 - JNTU Hyderabad
  • 30th Annual NASA Convention Dec 1986 - SAP, Chennai
  • 31st Annual NASA Convention 1988 - MIT, Manipal
  • 32nd Annual NASA Convention 1989 – Jadavpur University, Calcutta
  • 33rd Annual NASA Convention 1990 – JJ College, Mumbai
  • 34th Annual NASA Convention 1991 –
  • 38th Annual NASA Convention Dec 1995 – VRCE, Nagpur
  • 39th Annual NASA Convention Dec 1996 – School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi
  • 40th Annual NASA Convention Dec 1997 – Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 41st Annual NASA Convention Dec 1998 – School of Architecture and Planning, Chennai
  • 42nd Annual NASA Convention Dec 1999 – Bangalore
  • 43rd Annual NASA Convention March 2000 – Guru Nanak Dev. University, Amritsar
  • 44th Annual NASA Convention Dec 2001 – Dr D Y Patil College of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 45th Annual NASA Convention Dec 2002 – Sathyabama University, Chennai
  • 46th Annual NASA Convention Dec 2003 – CSIIT, Hyderabad
  • 47th Annual NASA Convention Dec 2004 – MITS, Gwalior
  • 48th Annual NASA Convention Dec 2005 – Academy of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 49th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2007 – MIT, Manipal
  • 50th Annual NASA Convention Dec 2007 – Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, Bhopal
  • 51st Annual NASA Convention Feb 2009 – Balewadi Sports Complex, Pune
  • 52nd Annual NASA Convention Dec 2009 – SRM University, Katankulathur
  • 53rd Annual NASA Convention Jan 2011 – BVB CET, Hubli
  • 54th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2012 – Gujarat Convention Center, Ahmadabad
  • 55th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2013 – Gateway College of Architecture and Design, Sonepat
  • 56th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2014 – Vaishnavi School of Architecture and Planning, Hyderabad
  • 57th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2015 – Marg Institute of Design and Architecture Swarnabhoomi, Kancheepuram, Chennai
  • 58th Annual NASA Convention Feb 2016 – G.C.P.I.A, Surat
  • 59th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2017 – Poornima University, Jaipur
  • 60th Annual NASA Convention Jan 2018 – DC School of Architecture and Design, Vagamon, Kerala
  • 61st Annual NASA Convention Jan 2019 – SJB School of Architecture and Planning, Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • 62nd Annual NASA Convention Feb 2020 – 62nd Council, NASA India at Bidadi, Bengaluru
  • 63rd Annual NASA Convention Feb 2022 – 63rd Council, Christ University, Bengaluru


NASA is associated with many institutions across the world,


The college with overall best performance in the Annual NASA Convention is awarded the Le Corbusier Trophy. The results of past conventions are:

  • 2008-09: Government college of architecture, Lucknow
  • 2009-10: Academy of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2010-11: Rizvi College of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2011–12: L.S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2012–13: L. S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2013–14: L. S. Raheja School of Architecture, Mumbai and Academy of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2014-15: Academy of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2015-16: College of Engineering Trivandrum
  • 2016-17: Academy of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2017-18: Faculty of Architecture, SCET Surat
  • 2018-19: Faculty of Architecture, SCET Surat
  • 2019-20: Indian Education Society’s College of Architecture, Mumbai
  • 2020-21: Faculty of Architecture, SCET Surat
  • 2021-22: Faculty of Architecture, SCET Surat


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