National Bisexual Liberation Group

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National Bisexual Liberation Group
FoundedFebruary 1972 (1972-02)

National Bisexual Liberation Group was a bisexual rights advocacy organization formed in 1972 in New York City and active in the 1970s.


National Bisexual Liberation Group was founded in New York City in February 1972[1][2][3] by Don Fass, a New York psychotherapist.[4]

By winter of 1975, the organization claimed it had more than 5,500 members in ten chapters across the United States,[1] 800 members in their New York City chapter, and that more than 4,000 people had attended their New York City events.[4]


The organization had chapters around the United States, published a newsletter,[1] and advocated on bisexual rights.[4]

In 1974-1975, the organization held monthly parties and weekly group meetings. The organization also hosted occasional brunches and coffee socials.[4]

The Bisexual Expression[edit]

The organization published a newsletter, The Bisexual Expression, considered by some to be the earliest newsletter specifically for the bisexual community in the United States.[1][4]

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