National Bureau of Statistics (Tanzania)

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National Bureau of Statistics
Ofisi ya Taifa ya Takwimu  (Swahili)
JUmba la takwimu.JPG
Government Agency overview
Formed 26 March 1999
Preceding Government Agency
  • Bureau of Statistics
Jurisdiction Tanzania mainland1
Headquarters Kivukoni Front, Dar es Salaam
Motto Statistics for development
Government Agency executive
  • Dr. Albina A. Chuwa, Director General
Key document
  • Statistics Act No 1, 2002
1 Applies to Zanzibar in the case of census

The National Bureau of Statistics is a branch of the Government of Tanzania which is responsible for compiling and distributing census data in Tanzania. It is based in Dar es Salaam and obtains a wide range of economic, social and demographic statistics about the country. The bureau compiled data on every village in Tanzania during the 2002 Tanzanian census in August 2002.

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