National Business Research Institute

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National Business Research Institute
Founded 1982 (1982)
Founder Jan G. West, Ph.D.
Headquarters Plano, Texas, United States
Key people
Jan G. West, Ph.D. CEO
Ken West, Ph.D. COO
Services Survey Research Services
Organizational Assessment
Customer Surveys
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Employee Surveys
Engagement Surveys
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Market Research
Political Research

The National Business Research Institute, abbreviated NBRI, is a global survey research and consulting organization founded in 1982 and headquartered in Plano, Texas, United States. The firm is known for scientific psychological research, benchmarking data, and root cause analyses, specifically in the area of organizational assessment. The company conducts customer and employee surveys, market research, and political research related to organizational behavior.

NBRI provides survey instrument design and anlaysis services as well as survey administration and hosting. NBRI has provided research services for the gaming,[1] banking, and diet[2] industries.


The company was founded by Organizational Psychologist, Dr. Jan G. West.

Over the next few decades NBRI developed standardized questions for specific surveys. In time, the company amassed a large database of responses to these standardized questions. NBRI's database includes responses from the customers and employees of approximately one third of all of the "ultimate parent" companies in the United States. The responses to these questions have been branded NBRINorms© and are used as benchmarks.

Resident psychologists[edit]

NBRI employs resident Ph.D. organizational psychologists with experience in the business application of psychological research.

Resident NBRI psychologists have presented at the Oxford Round Table[3]

Dr. West's writings have been referenced by the New York Times[4] as well as other publications.