National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights

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National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights is an Indian non-party based secular platform with offices in 14 states of the country. The objectives of NCDHR are the following: (1) to hold the State accountable for all Human Rights violations committed against Dalits; (2) to sensitize civil society by raising visibility of the Dalit problem; and (3) to render justice to Dalit victims of discrimination and violence. Their manifesto declares that they mean to fight Casteism and discrimination in countries where they allege that such things are prevalent, such as India, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Japan (see Burakumin), Pakistan, Senegal, Rwanda, and Sri Lanka.[1] Their website states:

In 2007 the organisation was awarded the Rafto Prize for its work in improving the lives of Dalits in India.[3][4]

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